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Alex Pestana

Alex Pestana a eu la gentillesse de nous faire partager des extraits de son journal "intime" retraçant son post-doc chez Sir Derek qui ne fut pas toujours une partie de plaisir mais fut néanmoins riche d’enseignements et une véritable leçon de vie. J. Boivin

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With fellow Bartonians in the Lab at Gif - Pascal Langlois, Begonia, Pascale Lecoupanec, Alex Pestana, X, Neerja Bhatnagar (from left to right)

The Terrifying Meetings of Monsieur Derek Barton

“That which does not kill me makes me stronger” - Friedrich Nietzsche

From The New Scientist, 17 December 1981

“… A Nobel laureate and veteran of 41 years’ outstanding research, Barton now lives in France, directing the Centre National de la Recherche Scientific at Gif-sur-Yvette. Recently, he came to London to be honoured by the Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain with the Hanbury Memorial Medal and to deliver the annual lecture.

His lecture consisted of a philosophical discourse on the art of organic synthesis… Barton’s fame and reputation attracted young and old chemists to his lecture… He had something to say for everyone. Younger listeners were reminded on several occasions that “hard work is the minimum requirement ; intelligence, motivation and a critical spirit… are also necessary.” He is reputed to drive his students hard and he still prides himself on working harder than them. Uneasy professorial laughter greeted this statement. In fact, the better the student the harder he drives them. This has led to a sprinkling of highly energetic and successful research groups around the world. Presumably those who can’t stand the heat soon get out of Sir Derek’s kitchen.”

The Terrifying Meetings of Monsieur Barton

Preamble : My arrival at Gif-sur-Yvette, France
I arrived as a young researcher on a cold day at the laboratories of the ICSN at Gif-sur-Yvette to do my postdoctoral studies with Nobel-prize winner Sir Derek Barton.1 The days were short, dark, and cold, so cold. Chilling winds cut through my inadequate Southern wear ; snow melted in my shoes and my feet froze in them. This was the prize I had secured, getting the nod from around thirty applicants from around the world for the post.2

It was nonetheless with a confident, jaunty air that I walked into the ICSN on a cold winter’s morning. No-one could have been more positive. I was on the first rung of a ladder of a career in international scientific research. Madam Fan, Monsieur Barton’s secretary, as he was called in France, introduced me to Dr. Jean Boivin, who showed me around the institute and then to my laboratory. Jean was one of three team leaders – called ‘lieutenants’ in the industry - of around 8-10 researchers each. The lieutenants didn’t touch an apparatus ; they were the experienced thinkers of the team who concentrated on following the literature and generating ideas on paper for us to implement. There was a fourth team in the USA. We, the researchers, the PhD’s and post-docs were the hands and fodder of the research world, the willingly exploited. Jean showed me to my workbench. It was exiguous compared to my spacious laboratory in Cape Town, amounting to two metres of running bench space. But space was at a premium for everyone. “You are also to have a laboratory at the University of Paris-Orsay, more spacious, where the electro-chemistry unit is. I shall be taking you there later today”, said Jean.

I looked around at my colleagues to whom I was about to be introduced. A forbidding disquietude suffused the laboratories. Everyone scurried, everyone worked in a tense haste. Around a third or so were French ; the rest came from all over. Two Pascal’s ; Pascal and Pascale Le Coupanec. Begonia from Barcelona. Neerja and Ravi from India. A young Germanic woman, taciturn and strong, who was to be raped close to the institute a few months later but who went straight back to the lab to get over it, to forget, no-one knew, but she was to tell me months later, these type of secrets don’t remnty ss/eobotsenyningf orgatrong, weag, tarde-as-nils =Iis-hmn wao was tacharmpon arwedrand sao wncenwaschen a tsccadraorld fcup gme fn my srom ald poss=d ont of my sbd in aaris- daunnk orgsof a cgod fnght he cauld hdwn,a cbottl of shicsky jstrlitkethat There was aDoinimque,an aprrognt srench&mn wao wnvery cas d to mrubin thea de pire mey Europan srieins/,I wame from au papy sonus-déeloppeé (n sndefr-deeloppd cluntiry) There was aMrtieal,researed asd colrect= There was aJamal,r cberderdMonrccasn and cn sAstryin waman, No-teveryone worked ior earton mort rusearchers eblonagd to mohereteam s We,wao warked ior eartonbacsed in a tpalpble laur. AOe ofrtwo mone-eam immber sonerje saoenthey wherdeI was arom aAfique deu Su asd ccsed iaoeheretIprectioed taartiheid mort rere Fdcentl No-e-eam immber sIinterncted yotsenncludedLa thll oands met Saneirde, Crstorbal,rao warld hronule le frr evlucidtion af a dvaced tEglys-htext" on paterfnght eblore(rerwarld heagvethe lab as harld h gentie lBrazilin wguy There was a fje -hire tEglys-hmn watsentraiagd able lmn ers weo warld hat spas oith the Honcvex sdeaof higsfrr kin the Uantsen ,a prectioed ound l colment.d on fbyconteinnt.lso There was aSandislaw,a pPol,wao wbeame f froenc asd cith thom I warld hisit-the mirbiddconcentrateon aamepat mLblinin the Unow mhea dChrstomao There ware wAsans ,moheres and cnding disqsna.cenwo thei cutlurnl akle idoscppd,there larld how mlso tb le ,a padaeian ooutheaAfiqcn.

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I las ooake,to be bir Derek Barton.of my secronddays Tt was en sreryaoelmngstxperienced I wnter'd the lort renurouseof foed n the ftop fook of the rnstitute orgwrdesfrom all over.the world fhng Goom ahe lalkso Tou anme tohsInwyde, itwas the e 4.5 Tou atoro in a w Th tachievethei consieur Bartonwarked ill oas wasing haurse I wooked ar-the mgeat Bmn wao was to be iy sbossfor the pext:years-nd -a-bil N At n srutize=dde pkshitF trobut, 1hite-shire ,sndsmieng d68-earsold can, N las o25 This was the paugstrlerso"a, Xtis was the pleentd. He hooked atraight bt Bmeasd cith tn simersceptile lbn mf the read -hid J#8220;YGro iorning.,Dr. Jestana&l8221; Hith a csercfic rEglys-hnsso. Hr. Jestana&. Hew liughtble ,reivn the Uahasmbettwen muo Therone oad s chievedeveryohing thesnohere,Jnohing I smnot ksurethat tere was aevn trnyinongytn thes. I#8220;YPlas d, its mlex ,Sir Derek’l8221; HHe hlcceptd this sith a cersmnod fnd then tgo straight bdwn,ao beusinsso. HH handsd me arfew mhemistry uaper s orgarofjrctfad seen mrutlned'ior eye I was oo fork in the fif -Sysermfor the pelectove hoxidtion af ahydrccarbon, the Plectro-hemisal anserct . HM inmedia=t fut uretad seen mmpper ont oor eye I when tolmeit.d on of threcoass=sal oyhtudpi thinkgsfn my slifs I wcsed ihimsif tere was ’t tasynthesisarofjrctfavilsble ,ror e woovedeynthesis. HM iue sion atop:er oartonwn mis srackPs This hhowed m had szerotsccal lntelligence, mad sisqregrdeIor the pork ihea ded seen mss=sgnd to my and thea s was ounpperrcfaove ho beoot. HH held wmetatsentupressid inritaiion ahea s wauld hsera to tonsieur Banglois,and olheressn the UIstitute aif wasned to droeynthesis, tere was anosuccharofjrctfavilsble wn mis sram s WDi m hade a gytoheretue sion .nbsp;;? No-nbsp;;? NDismisid Weth thea, 1oom ahe lrutit, nIstnse m had sgo tenin the fwong> sdeaof hPofessoriwarton.1 m had smdae itwhrdeIor tmyelf

I ltrudgd iack to the lab tatsenJag, taad -drcopng I wooked around Everyone sarked everyone worked in saney, hatsenelivbeateon intcold wensein.1 mW worked iup o twoelvehaursea pdp, more sblore(rmetingst py /p>

Iherometingss We,wlved an therrk of the m Madam eFan, irld hcl eFdwn,ao bwrie ahaei danteson a cbordeIn the Uramtorner. oom ahicchahemy irld hsreatmbt Bus orgacllectifel psychoisasuround d the loetingss Wveryowensdays wr so ,the team weaders nd repearchers eirld hclimba cse of Stanis nd rue u lrutideaoarton’s sf foed o a ten the loetingss Wheronsenseile wpurpse tf threcoetingsswas oo fourol oyhressnt tur loin ngsswo the leam wnd the hgeat Bmn Wheroeatlwpurpse tf threcoetingsswas oo fsusain wressire and go fsw lunas d, o fkeepus torking hitketha fuaredn de aiagdd1 mW world hmrch wn wsngly fire wn o his lf foed,daar rueit ard ccsooat os ars-htgut,ssd cirld hit-tn aahnis nraiagddin F tsmis-circe wn moomntmf higsfe pk Wv chresearcher oressnt d ihiswork is thrn an a cbordeIblore(rawhrwk-eyd ionsieur Barton Whersewere sho terng toimes We,wepearchers eofensdad Jnohkneowraotuolheressn the Ueam whre Fdoig and oere shork,ao becretcyabout tur lork I fa gyne wcsed iaoa s wdid m was oo fay,Ihea s woxidze=d,mhat is ont

I nahe laboratori, haeill odaiakUeam no-one kdaiakUcf fee1 mW wore sjit.dryfenugh Begore(rhrecoetingsswou tauld hsmel mha fuaa. Twamtoimes taaldin F tsol otorner. jstrlf fon of threcaboratories.,wore s itie lrieualsof spoiterwepnfo scemnt, jer.vuseotrmori eblore(rhrecoetingsswnd stort,-lved arlivef fter"wrdes,ror en thesdays ioimethe pext:ymetingstirld hbdfupo muo Therooetingss,raotulersostenecethey whadnbsp;;! Nherywraned'iupo muohitketaarfeing bdrumbetat.nbsp;;! NAtUramtoimes -stort, snschensof slifsIgri:er ooom ahe lswat Btench&es -sweliughtr oer.vuselyasd cols old on oanoheretn F tsi oyhwpy I wemenber 1y sreplis to wyningfs moumleng about torecoetingsswblore(raveig an ten edey ferst rne. & was oiughtbleyanmïv. “YWeats ahe erofle mnbsp;;?l8221; H warld hapk W#8220;You aork ihyde, ou tsummris-eit, tou tressnt ,mhat s ail NWeatUantoartonwd-nbsp;;? NKll pou nbsp;;?l8221; HNherywjstrltorokahaei daad I wceagrl whad’t toa fuoggist cdeas

Iegore(ry ferst roetings Pascale Lsuden"l whadF twobleyabout til NIstawtil NSe lalked in ,stawtoa fuessly ewriehesdmetingst ptd n the fborde,froze ,aahnagddionpaex on and ahen tdeflaed yotsennto#8220;YAhmonenbsp;;!..” Hnd sturried,lf f & was ounas il srelaxe at my cerst roetings Paroee sbytand retn Fhe fbroking dloiom MOueteam fire iup oe stunis rutideaoonsieur Barton’s sf foed,d l mhe af auo TItfelloto wascale Lo fknoc in tigsfeoor orascale ,a prtintd oung Gaman,from Baetarge ofrtPiard ieI wheink,tn Fhe fflwedraf hie lounthand a celivht bi nowrol circumtances ,was ord asd cfluser'd NSe laaldiup er. ots wo fknoc but st the labt rointe aer. oursge dfare iere,Jne teeit.d o cri, hhrn iererfaes evxhae iereprtnt-up anxety osd cfle hdwn,aoe stunis W#8220;YJ pexprtuxpossnbsp;;!#8221; H( wamnnohnbsp;;!) Thnsein. ri:ele hdwn,aoe slned Therooomnt tas oo beig,Barton’s sgrveits oo bgeat ,the tgulfbettwen mhe tjudgdwnd the hbout -to-be-judgd io bwdea NSuden"l wIio belltcense I wooked aDoinimquestraight bn Fhe feyd. HH has anxt:yn alie. & noanoheretnfmey n saneooomnt hIdiugmy cerger swn o his lnec berst -id Jtyle=,wn o his ljuglari to foee oas wherdt-etat Tt was eard and hslwe W#8220;YTamaisnnbsp;;!#8221; H Rmorvd ounrhands arom Bmenbsp;;!#8221; Hrecou back tn a tarokahat myuder d N#8220;YNn ionen8221;, said Jean.,ionpng bentwen muo T#8220;YAlln .nbsp;;!#8221; Hrecisisted ,asd cith that mknoc d asd cortnd the leoorto monrhabn toir

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I lirked imyelf to a spanditill Theroext:ymetingstedn’t tg mycchaetter tor eye jeriheretdidthe pext:.HN#8220;YSoraotunbsp;;?l8221; H“YWeats ahes-nbsp;;?l8221; H“YWeathow nbsp;;?l8221; H&Mre(rnritaiion arom Barcon W#8220;YEnugh moom Bou theiakUou ,pext:nbsp;;!#8221; H s wdid’t tneowraotuoas oxperctd trom Bme,de pire mean.s aco chig> Bou aet oo fknowa prefle mkvdryfwelesaoentou tgappeletatseni oor ewoelvehaurseaveryodays TBt tilpse med,tn Fhe feydsof sarton mteathow ing tIpreduced.tas ogod fenugh Theroeam wtnse mup aoentIoressnt d .This was tdri:oo r uretf a cslwe,nelivbeatee kind,tculmngting id mrutbrsetsst the loetingss Whea s wdivi edey foimetentwen mrsay,Ind cif -did’t telep1 m had she eroesire af aotshlaboratories ond the hbtndfts df Parihere.6,7/p>

I lame to Llvedwn moarsolfthe loetingss Whea s swoentheybacddays wtart.d Nheroeossig and ohrn ng thesnorking hndefreroesire thesnanxety thesnat ksleepieo,ahe lswllecnord aeyds There ware wlso toh Lsuden"posinsfn my stormach hat irld hcrunhenm on o h tarwhcruch af my shauch&es.8 I wnvn taop:er oenjoyng to salkeooe stueetesof hmylbloned aaris-. HM iorld fas ooanteld,tbesmirhe" by tarton’s soetingss Wherysuffuocaed yslesjoyout of Slifs IReateons tatsenAsrre(, ao wad sronule saf hie lwn, aorlstnd tfter"tNubar oft tor eTexao TNubar ed seen msoutffr buntwen muo TSon gfter"te plef ,tAsrre(rsmpleytaop:er oalikng to smd Therorench&cade a g idirmaic"oxpeession.aor thes --faire pa geueule I worget,threcouse- Pbu i ad so droeath a croivil lang uztic"ooisndefrtanding ,Iomething titketer. olaimng rtet the lyialdinwndexperieentstas oncahe lrrer of t3so d4%NhicchaIstrokah smdnde3so d4lrrer sof hmagniude sighlr than themtarwhyiald iwe ad srevisuselyaobtaned'ind saocchaIsdnul.d 9 Thisgsswgo stugh r tor eye fter"theat Ttwas eaeavilysdepen en-tn a r tor ehe Plectro-hemisal axperieents snd sb expensein.tor ehe Poetingss WAprlshrrived an aaris- dbirds/eobaa arlhrn io the lpark, the Pnow mad smlted ind the hays were sbight)ec but sor eye itwas tnght

I lcrld ’t aoake itwanyore . HM iorlksiteution aas abad,aesumltswere ton sor thonpng bnd tach.ymetingstis tachrucficxin Wher, ane sinedsprinkgpdp, mIFdcei ede had sad senugh TSmethimes tne siils =n alifs Ttwarld heivnmup TBt to foilshire larld hbea celotivnwnkinto delathtn the Ucientific rorld. POnrwarld hese tfaes eeesstig orgndTtwarld hade ao foiceimyelf tn the Umirrk oor ehe Pest cf hmyllifsInter"wrdes Ttwaightd this sslesup andane sinedsorning.tilpsmpleytdid’t tm terwanyore . HIorhonedey frofessoriwn Cape Town,and go l ihims was ooeinkng of hquitings &H has aeryodtuprr tivn Pbu tld wmeth thiea ckon si my sbdltand hedg of.1 m hdcei edeo gevedwn rne.labt rba-htnd hif tea dedn’t torkb,m harld heagve

IAound the , ane slfthese tuireksof hfatethat ahnagdthrecourse onfUm tersaocurren. POnrwSturedy,I waen-tnto the Iaboratory at tif -o fork -up anaxperieents.10 Ttwas enlne sn the Uabostaartitrom Bne ofrtwo myningfwa roiv sn the Unter"noon,raoentonetmoheretean tonsieur Bartonwalked in ,strrenptitsusely,d lort rtart.eng dme. He hooked at Bmeasshif torck=d,mhaentblutid tut ouch&anctedrztic"tly,to my an Franch&c#8220;YVus ltershicinbsp;;? NÇachtst ctrè abentn8221;, sapunaround atd hedtener tut .11/p>

From That myomnt tis ssttiude stowrdesfmeaahnagdd &H has aore senggengs Pess wiein, geyv oyewbrat hng dpace. BDn’t raskwmetahs TPerhap he wad siitnssid ior ehe Perst rwimethe porlksthinc e experctd trom Bll beu khesghte edn’t texts wi mye12 [ I,aoe stuaiagd ndorldng of hlifs,hfter"theatBne ofrtwo mhinkgsfaen-tmyhwpynbsp;; the rard work ipid Joff haeigo smdndnkgul resemltswnd my tersatart.d fflweig Goom ahe e . HMnsieur Barton’s soetingsswblame tberdble ,rnvn thuanie123 Wheryslso tb ame foivht oyheassfor quenias he was cbusymoreig aaboratories oo mTexao Aamp;lM,his stcronddjobin trlhrement&. HM ionedior ecientific renuireyarlhrn

I lsrldnr'd tnwn mif -nd mrsay,Ind canagerdto get omyloul prblicteons tath air Derek .14 m had shng Gn to buccesdd1 mWaentitwas thimetor eyeto weagve,Sir Derekhhowed mgenunedspperrcfaovn.tor ey workband theankd me aor ey wontrobution" &H hcsed iaoer sn the Uorld f harld hetketholork I said JEglyatd. He hn tte espo spiced iup oe lphoneto a naxp-tudent tf higs,a prefessoriwa dCambigdgdwniversity and cnraiagddinmedia=t lyaor ey wtcronddost-docs,ror eaocchaIspplicd'ind sas encceptd .15 NSuh&cas ahe tgneraoity ond poswr of the ran,f cIwherdeIheatB25%of organic shemistry uaefessori oncahe lUKwere txp-tudent stf higs,a pergu'dton srmort lyamschen abya gyne welse./s>

Iherr is rn mennl ao my spory. Jherr is rorkband tiuk tnd cnttiude snd cnweond poswr Jherr is ren uance, iosin tardeship andabeng bnbe Lo foake it Therodwn,isdeeo a ply(ng dp myccharoesire afnmyningfwisrtet the ywon’t rork intimitly,tandabuk lehndefreit TM gyteivnmup,a pnvn tew mhema, 1or eaocchaterr is rn mexcue Iean seld wmethat he ywncenwcrld howtsreplicte ancse of Sesemltswobtaned'ibya srevisuse eam immber ao wad smned an to badost-welsewe e . Hartonwrhonedehimsnd the han,fadeit.d oo bhema,ngs &Ae hea dointeHartonwould have ben edeei cureer ieu kdd Jnohing IFrgeivnnssinbsp;;? NHrdey, TM gnnicmty nbsp;;? No-teo bhema,s TCnpng boice-to-oiceiith the Heffrc stf higslwn,aroesire nbsp;;? NPerhap

ISill ,& warld hovery ave been mnbe Lo forgeivnimyelf tad sIdfare iterr nbsp;; intwarld hade aesser'd tith i myeBll by slifs I wtugh red'iuptuirckoyh uang rtet terieod TBt tisitn sslfthese tbe a toimes till pemverbeatee hrough myfwa rhimes tetketshudenr arom Bfnd pmnt.lsdfamlt-lie. oncahe lndefrurrent}sof hmylpsyche

IAcyaa.Ind care poassd Nt was eateeoWntern aganin taris-. HTe Pnow were sbac bachyce wad sorn < Nt was ehimetor eyeto worvd n Wher tyancnsal ametings of Monsieur Barton

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<1. ’snstitut de Chimie des Substances Naturelles< -Centre National de la Recherche Scientificque,aif-sur- vette, Fncahe lVll éede Chievreue IAout t25kmsonuhsofftaris-. HIwlved an the l14hsonrrondisidmnt tf haris-asd colmmted tdailysy thraneto bif-1 mW bite da href="">class='spip_dnuh'rel='sxpennal '>"/a>

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I14. Se tx.g. Fnction tlsation :f Situreaed yHydrccarbon,. Narit X. HAmCnprratuve hSude of GCemisal and PEectro-hemisal aPofces=e (if -nd mif srsay,Isyserms)tn mPyridinn,an mAcetn oandtn mPyridinn-co-Solvdn-tmixurels. HG.earlavoinn,aD.H.R.Barcon,J. Boivin<,WA.rGref,UP.Le Coupanec., N. Ozbali, aJ.A.X.Pestana a ndtH.mRvinèe smTtraen rnm1988, 44, 1091-1106sthc./s>

I15. was encceptd or eamost-doc ca dCambigdgd but stabtlPiz eFMiits r tMargre tWhea her otryuk tup aorefle mkith the Huiversity odns tnd repuced.toe i gfnd ng aItas oncouroedeisdwrieng bb the PCambigdgdwrefessoriwatew moeek later bheatBnwng to sfnd ng Pest iqceons te wad so bhuthis lbudgdtshea syaa.Ind co colld howtsoake meof.1 m hwnt.eo bBathtn s ra iaoer she erofessoriwad sourt schnlarship.nbsp;;! NIteatly,tanjoyedey foimethe e /p>

I16. Terhabt rwimetIrsawbir Derek Barton.oas oncaape Town,an m1997,h tyarcwblore(ragsfe ath I ws ten edeis lectureca dUCTind sas einvied to disit-thimsnthis lhrt lan mNewyatds WH wgneraoselyaeyv oyew30rointe stf higslhime IH wlso teyv oyewmtorpytf higslbooka#8220;YRlollectifn sslftGgpfJumpieol8221; Hiicchaa(rsmged'ind solmentdd to mye I was oo che" b(se s tcke" bpiture) Tobss/eor lbeng bi,acientc, FIolsed ihims philosophical due sion ai,aue sion awimetrter"tegslhalk. Hew didniigslbrllinnt sdeas ocl eFo hismnbsp;;? WWotuoas ooe i ggnersiinbsp;;? NFom ahinecethei iweleslftn ouiion gnd geneiuinbsp;;? NHesreplis something tunmmorible ,re Udd Jnohkneow.[ I,ipirtion as /p>

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I• Twnt.y-oiv soarssf hhe lUCTiPilosophiylociety o(Davi oaenahrg)br class='autobr' />I• Whysas ahe tUCTiPilosophiylociety otart.d nbsp;;? (Zak vn ooaalteei)br class='autobr' />I• I,aoe sBegsning b(Augstrg oShu te)br class='autobr' />I• A Mmorible reetingst(Paul Taylog)br class='autobr' />I• Ad Icherregnumb(Aex estana )/p>

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