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Biography Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Hartwig


Head of Research and Development in Bayer HealthCare´s (BHC) Pharmaceuticals Division and Chairman of BHC´s Research and Development Committee

Since June 1, 2004, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Hartwig has been global head of Bayer HealthCare´s Pharmaceutical Research and Development. Hartwig will also be Chairman of BHC´s Research and Development Committee.

Hartwig was born in Duderstadt/ Germany on July 1, 1951. He studied at the University of Göttingen/ Germany, obtaining a Ph.D. in organic chemistry in 1979. He then spent two years as a Post-Doctoral Fellow under Professor Derek Barton at the Institut de Chimie des Substances Naturelles in Gif-sur-Yvette, France.

He joined Bayer AG in 1982 as head of a Chemical Research Laboratory in the Pharmaceuticals Business Group. In 1987 he worked as a Research Fellow at the Institute of Neuropharmacology of the University of Chicago/ USA. In 1988 he returned to Bayer Pharmaceutical Chemistry Research, became head of a section and three years later was appointed head of the department. In 1993 Hartwig transferred to Bayer Corporation in the United States as Senior Vice President and head of Pharmaceutical Research North America. From December 1996 until mid-2002 he was head of International Pharmaceutical Research at Bayer AG and member of the Management Committee of the Pharmaceuticals Business Group. On July 1, 2002 he transferred within Bayer HealthCare to the United States to become President of the Bayer Diagnostics Division on October 28, 2002.

Hartwig has been an honorary professor at the Faculty of Chemistry and Pharmacology of the University of Münster/ Germany since July 1, 1999.


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